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A Children's Ministry of:
Universal Christian Outreach
Chicago, IL 60611
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What about the young Jesus ??

Jesus Calms A Storm

One day, Jesus preached to crowds who had gathered at the edge of the Sea of Galilee. There were so many people that Jesus asked the apostles to row him out onto the lake where everyone could see him.

Evening came, and the people, filled with Jesus' words, went home. Jesus and the apostles continued across the lake to the other side. Soon it was pitch dark. Suddenly a terrible storm blew over the waters. Thunder roared and lightening flashed. The waves rose like mountains, and the small boat tossed wildly.

Through the storm Jesus lay sleeping peacefully in the back of the boat. The waves grew higher and higher, and the apostles were afraid the boat would tip over. Waking Jesus, they called, "Master, we are sinking. Do you not care if we drown?"

Jesus stood up. "Be still," he said to the leaping waves and furious winds. At his word, the waves went down, and the sea grew calm. Jesus looked sternly at the apostles. "Why were you afraid?" he asked. "Have you no faith in me?"

The apostles looked at Jesus with wonder. "Who can this man be that the wind and water listens to him?" they asked.

When they arrived on the other side of the lake, in the country of the Gadarenes, a wild man with no clothes on ran up to Jesus and fell at his feet. "Leave me alone, Jesus," he screamed. "Do not make me suffer."

The man could feel that Jesus was already ordering the evil spirits to leave him. These spirits often entered the man and made him so violent that the townspeople chained him up. But he broke the chains and ran off screaming.

"What is your name?" Jesus asked

"Legion," replied the man, for legion meant many, and he had many evil spirits in him.

Nearby, a herd of pigs stood eating. The evil spirits begged Jesus not to send them into the air, but to let them enter the pigs. Jesus agreed. So the evil spirits left the man and entered the pigs. As they did, the pigs began running around madly, grunting and snorting, until they did not know what to do and jumped into the sea and drowned.

The man who took care of the pigs could hardly believe what he saw and rushed to tell everyone in the town. When the people of the town came down to the seashore, they were amazed to see the wild man sitting quietly with Jesus, fully dressed and in his right mind. But they were afraid of Jesus' power and asked him to leave.

So Jesus returned to Galilee, and the wild man, now cured, went back home and told everyone what God had done for him.

We will be following the facinating and wonderous story of Jesus as he grows up, teaches of the Kingdom of God, and is crucified for our salvation. It is truely an amazing story and we hope that you will return to this page from time to time to share with us, these stories.

Universal Outreach Ministries wishes everyone Peace. May the love of Christ be with you throughout the year !

If you wish further information please e-mail us at the address above-left. Or utilize the links. Thank you.

We hope to change the Bible stories on this page on monthly basis. We hope that you will return again.

Rev. John

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