Faith comes by hearing the message, the message is heard through the Word of God. (Romans 10:17)

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" I am not sitting, I am on a journey."

Everyone may apply these words to himself or herself. Consider this: to be a Christian is to be a traveller.

Our situation, is like that of the Israelite people in the desert of the Sinai: we live in tents, not houses, for spiritually we are always on the move. We are on a journey through the inward space of the heart, a journey not measured by the hours of our watch or the days of the calendar, for it is a journey out of time and into eternity.

On of the most ancient names for Christianity is simply "The Way" (Acts 19:23). It is a name that emphasizes the practical character of the Christian faith. Christianity is more than a theory about the universe, more than teachings written down on paper, it is a path along which we journey -- in the deepest richest sense, the "Way of Life."

There is only one means of discovering the true meaning of Christianity. We must step out upon the path, commit ourselves to this way of life, and then we shall begin to see for ourselves. So long as we remain outside, we cannot properly understand. Certainly we need to be given direction before we start; we need to be told what signposts to look out for; and we need to have companions. Indeed, without guidance from others it is scarcely possible to begin the journey. But directions from others can never substitute for direct, personal experience. Each is called to verify for himself what has been taught.

No one can be an armchair traveller on this all-important journey. No one can be a Christian at second hand. God has children, but he has no grandchildren.

Please join me on my journey, it started yesterday, continues today, and will continue tomorrow. I hope you will join us on the path, if you need asistance, please utilize the links over on the left side or feel free to e-mail me at the address link at the top of the page.

Thank you for your time, and now...onward....

A Messenger Comes !!

One day I was hard at work, painting one of those big theatre marquees. Now this sign was about fourty feet in the air, easily accessable from the roof of the building, from which you could see for blocks around the building.

I was working with my boss, who is a "born-again" believer. We have been friends for many years although I was not a "believer" in Jesus Christ. I suppose I kind of thought that there was something behind all this but I liked to think it was our genius as humans that led us to develop everything we have on our to science...I thought. I used to tell my boss, "Well if God is so powerful and he sent all those messengers 2000 years ago..why haven't we gotten one lately?" He response was always, " God works according to his own time." I thought, "Yeah..yeah..more mumbo jumbo, you have your way and I have mine."

So here we are painting this sign, I said, "Come one, if God is such a big powerful thing why can't he send a messenger now if he loves me so much !" It was about noon, around three hours since I had made my statement, I glanced down and saw a old lady probably somewhere around 75 walking in front of the theatre she stopped, looked up at us and said, "I'm walkin' with the Lord, sir" I kind of chuckled and looked over at my boss, I didn't want him to reply and thereby encourage this obviously crazy old lady. I was too late, he replied to her, "That's great so am I" to this she said, "I know YOU are but HE isn't !" pointing directly at me. Ok, I was stunned a little bit, but I knew this wasn't a set up job from my boss, he never left my sight during the morning so he couldn't have set it up.

Again she repeats that she is walking with the Lord, that my boss is and that I'm not and i had better get on the road soon.

Now the two things that really shook me: 1) There were people walking through this parking lot (which was nearly empty) and not one even glanced up or at the lady. If you saw a 75 year old woman speaking very loudly and looking up into the air, wouldn't you sneek a peek too?

2) After about 10 minutes she stopped speaking and walked towards the middle of the empty parking lot, I looked down to dip my paintbrush, that's all of what...5 or 10 seconds....looked for her again...and she was gone...VANISHED !! I heard no car pull bus go by...she surely didn't run away...

I have tried to think of every possible answer...and if you break the story into sections you can explain it away, just like you can explain away anything else. BUT if you take the story AS A WHOLE there is only one conclusion, a messenger from GOD !!

Friends, this is a TRUE story, as unbelievable as it may seem, Thi sis how I came to know the Lord, it's as fresh in my mind today as it was when it happened. I want everyone who reads this to know that the Lord IS real and that YOU can know HIM too.

There's plenty of good information in the links on the left side of this page, or please e-mail me at the address shown at the top of the page.

Thank you so much for your time, don't forget to sign my guestbook too

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Last Update: APRIL 30th, 1999

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