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These are a series of short stories based in the truth of God's Word...The Bible. We hope that you will return periodically. We hope to get a new one posted each month.

In The Cleft Of The Rock

Years ago, while working among the Laguna Indians, we were asked to speak at a little village called Pawate. It was in the days before automobiles, and we rode in large wagons drawn by horses for some fourteen miles over rough roads until we reached this village. We had a meeting in the afternoon, and Indians from all about gathered. We started back at 4:30 or 5 o'clock because we were to have a meeting at Casa Blanca that night. We had not gone very far when we saw a terrible storm was about to break over us. Soon we could see that the rain was pouring down at a distance and driving rapidly toward us.

I said, "We are certainly going to get soaked."

Our driver replied, "I hope not. i think we can make the rock before the storm reaches us. There is a great rock ahead; and if we can make it we will be sheltered."

We hurried on and soon saw a vast rock rising right up from the plain, perhaps fourty or fifty feet in height, covering possibly an acre or more of ground. As we drew near, we saw a great cave in the rock. Instead of stopping to unhitch the horses, our driver drove right into the cave, and, in another minute or two, the storm broke over the rock in all its fury.

While the storm raged outside, one of the Indians struck up, in the Laguna tongue, "Rock of Ages, cleft for me, let me hide myself in Thee," and we realized the meaning of the poet's words then as perhaps never before.

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